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E-cigarettes are handheld vaporisers. The vapour has the flavour and smell which is inhaled by the user. E-liquid is the liquid which gets vaporised in the vapour chamber of the e-cigarette. It is the current trend and it has become a great conversation point for the media. It is advertised by the companies as an alternative to smoking and it is even said that it can cure your smoking addiction. But most of these claims are false, so talking about its positives and negatives is quite tough. Most companies talk about the positives and overshadow the negatives. This article is aimed at righting that wrong. We are trying to give a much more neutral idea about e-cigarettes and e-liquids; so that you can make an informed decision.

Why you should go for e-cigarettes

Most smokers come to the e-cigarette market because they want the health benefits associated with it. Yes, you would still get the nicotine just like normal cigarettes but e-liquids do not contain the other carcinogens which are present in them. So you get to quench your need but still stay away from a big chunk of poisonous materials. The ingredients of a typical e juice are vegetable glycerine, flavouring ingredients used in food, propylene glycol and nicotine. Compared to this, the substances present in a conventional cigarette are much more harmful, which are carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic, acetone, tar and cyanide. E-cigarettes are a safer option, but since there are no long time studies on its usage, we don’t know for sure.

The negative effects of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes contain much less poisonous substances than your traditional cigarettes and this makes it a healthier option; but it is the better option from two bad options. It is still a very unhealthy practice and you should try and avoid smoking altogether. Propylene glycol, which as mentioned above is a key ingredient in e-liquids, has a tendency to trap water. So e-cigarette smokers have reported that they got a dehydrated feeling after having a smoke. This side effect is a minor one and can be avoided by just opting for a vegetable glycol based e-liquid. Also, keeping the e-liquids away from kids or pets is very important; even if a grown man drinks a little bit from it, he will face nicotine overdose. Long term effects of e-cigarettes are still not known because of the lack of research in the field.

The battery explosions

Well, the sub heading says it all really; the biggest drawback of e-cigarettes is the fact that many of them have reportedly exploded. Many users have reported such incidents online but in most cases they have failed to show any proof. Only a handful of such legitimate claims have been found. Anything which uses a battery has a certain chance of blowing up; same extends to e-cigarettes.

The lack of regulation

The worst part of the e-cigarette ecosystem is the fact that it has no regulations. The companies can sell any form of e-cigarette and e juice without any governing guidelines; so it is very important that you study about the product you’re going to buy, read reviews and see whether it’s perfect for you or not before purchasing.

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