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Despite efforts of many regulatory bodies, market is flooded with many adulterated and ineffective drugs. So these bodies are creating awareness in consumers about counterfeit drugs, potential health threats, and drug importation as well as grievance redressal mechanism for finding fraudulent/harmful products.

Though these supplements give a good shape to body, there should be lifestyle changes to maintain it for long term. As mentioned above healthy diet and healthy habits are the secret for long term benefits. It is always a good idea to talk to your medical health practitioner before starting any steroids; be it oral or injectable. Learn more from Steroidio.


In 1994 when DHSEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) was passed a law in USA, the manufacturer of the supplements holds responsibility before letting the product in market.  Unless there is a new dietary ingredient added, there is no necessary for manufacturer to prove to FDA about the product. Due to this though the supplement market got additional benefits but also resulted in having more adulterated drugs in the same market. These adulterated drugs have additional harmful chemicals in the ingredients like arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury which cause serious effects on human body.

There are few reports like MedWatch cited few manufacturers who produce adulterated drugs. The report also throws light on steroids or steroid like substances in the body building products. FDA recommended consumers to stop the usage of these supplements which contain steroids or steroid like substances and consult physician if they show any irregular symptoms. There are adverse effects like Liver dysfunction, in long-term serious consequences physically and physiologically.

There is evidence of ‘Protein Spiking’ by manufacturers where manufacturers use cheap substances like nitrogen based amino acids instead of actual protein. These substances look like normal proteins in standard tests. However many companies are openly challenging this phenomenon.

  1. Ineffectiveness:

There is not much scientific proof that these body building supplements are very effective and get the job done. There are few studies but they are industry sponsored. A thorough study on ingredients and performance history helps to choose any particular drug/supplement. The doctor will be a good place to start research.

  1. Dosage:

An over dosage of the supplements pose threat to liver damage. In past decade liver transplants or death caused by liver failure increased drastically and major reason is usage of supplements.

Though prohormones usage is legal in few countries, most sporting bodies prohibited them. Now they are not available over counter but only on valid prescription.

For some body building supplements, not only dosage but also the timing to consume it is also crucial.  HMB (one of the supplement) augments the size of muscle and reduced exercise causes muscle damage. It has to be consumed 1-2 hours prior to exercise.

It is so necessary to take right nutrients in right ratios to gain an athletic advantage.

Bottom line:

Remember, the supplements now days became necessity rather optional to supplement a balanced diet. Choosing a correct supplement under medical supervision builds good muscle, loses the fat and amplifies the performance.

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