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Banners ads are on the verge of becoming obsolete. The reason why most people find banner ads a nuisance is because now a days, banners ads are losing their essence of design. For this advertising tool, ‘the bigger the better’ statement does not hold true. The truth is, people put too much thought in making banner ads. You have got the body copy and the picture; all you need to do is place them in such a way that they are aesthetically appealing and readable.

So how can you make your banner ads more attractive? One word: KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. According to IronPaper Insights, the future of banners ads has never looked this good before. With an annual increase of 7% predicted for the year 2021, the revenue is supposed to grow to $27,472. Despite all this, the reason why your banner ad is not making any money for you is because instead of making your ad seamless, you are making it overblown and loud. Following are seven attractive banner ads designing tips that will help you make creative ads and bring in more clicks:

Tip #1

Get That Perfect Size

According to Google AdSense, the wider the banner ad’s size, the more readability it will provide. People tend to skip lines when an ad is too long. Though a banner ad’s body copy is already short, with the perfect size, they are more likely to return to its left margin.

The most effective sizes that are found attractive include large rectangle (336 x 280), medium rectangle leader board (300 x 250), leader board (728 x 90) and half page (300 x 600). While these sizes are the most popular, you also need to make sure that they match the website’s design. Your ad must be one with the page but should have an attractive design that makes it stand out. The other attractive banner ads designing tips will tell you how to do this.

Tip #2

Create Hierarchy

The three elements of advertising are: message, brand and click encouragement. Our first concern is to attract the reader. Here the headline comes second and so does the body copy.

  • Value Proposition: The first point that needs attention is the ‘value proposition’. Words like “50% off”, “Free!” and “Limited Time Offer” must cover half of the ad, so that it catches the eye.
  • Logo: Logo is equally important but must not shadow the value proposition. Make sure that its stands out at the bottom right, so that when the readers exit your ad, they remember the band name.
  • Call to Action: An attractive call to action such as a colorful button can increase your CTR (Click -through rate). Place them at the bottom right side, slightly above the logo.

Tip #3

Make the Text Readable

Say goodbye to cursive and thin fonts and avoid writing in upper case. It’s the small things that make the difference. The only thing that you need to do is write your body copy and headline in different sizes.

Tip #4

Frame Your Ad

The reason for adding a frame to your ad is to make it pop. Add a one pixel black or grey border i.e. if your ad has a white background. You can use different colors that contrast with the ad but make sure that they also compliment the webpage.

Tip #5

Create Positive Space with the Image

An ad cluttered with a huge image can make it complex. No matter what image you are choosing, leave a lot of space around it so that people can read the text in one look.

Tip #6


Instead of using flashing text with neon colors, why not go for a little animation. They are more fun and increase reader viewing time.

Tip #7

Play with Colors

Colors can improve your brand recall. You can use your brand’s color for the entire ad and different for the border, buttons and text or you can choose different colors all over except for the button that is in the brand’s color. Either way, both will help you create a more attractive ad.

So there you go seven attractive banner ads designing tips that will surely help you create a killer ad. Just make sure to follow the hierarchy and then place the text and image accordingly.

Gonzales Wolfe

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