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Taking a trip to Australia can be a magical experience, with some breathtaking sights and good fun to be had. But if you are planning a trip to the land down under, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand.

  • Australia is big and takes a long time to explore

As the biggest island in the world, Australia is a large landmass with several big cities and towns spread out across it. Trying to visit all of Australia in a week (or even two or three) would be a mistake, and you aren’t likely to see much of it at all as you’ll probably spend most of your time traveling from city to city. Instead you’d be better of planning your trip around one or two areas and leaving the rest for your next visit.

  • Seasons vary from North to South

While you may have heard that Australia is great to visit during the summer which is from December to February because it is in the Southern hemisphere – that isn’t completely true. It is true that if you are visiting places in the South such as Sydney it would be great to visit during the summer, but if you try to do the same for the North near the Great Barrier Reef then you’ll land right in the middle of the wet season and hardly get anything done.

  • Australia has its own plugs

Many people tend to expect that Australia would use the same plugs as the UK – when in fact they have their own plugs. If you are bringing any appliances with you it is important to remember that, and you may want to grab hold of an adapter when you land.

  • No need to tip

Essentially tipping in Australia is entirely optional, so you can leave a tip if you want to – but it isn’t expected. Don’t worry about any ‘unwritten’ rules about tipping, as you probably won’t ever feel pressured into doing so. At most in some upmarket restaurants you may want to tip 10% of the bill if you feel the service was good.

The only other thing you need to prepare for a trip to Australia is to check whether you require an ETA Australia visa or eVisitor visa. Once you get the right visa, you should be all set and can start planning your trip.

Gonzales Wolfe

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